July 05, 2012

recycle bin- sweaty birthdays

Good morning!  Hoping this post finds you all well, and having had a lovely 4th of July!  

This is the thermostat in our apartment yesterday!  I took heed Harry's words and stayed out of the kitchen.  The red velvet cupcakes I had so hoped for will just have to wait until either cooler weather moves in, or our upcoming move when we will have air conditioning.

Our poor kitties have been so so hot as well.  They have not had the desire to play at all, just lay still and flat like pancakes on the ground for days.  Isn't Olive a dear?

Minus watching fireworks in St. Joe last night, we stayed inside all day, trying to stay cool in the air conditioning.  After hopping from the mall for soft pretzels, and the thrift store for a browse, Mike and I went and saw Moonrise Kingdom.  What a great movie!  loveloveloved it! 

image source
If today proves to be like yesterday, I believe I'll be wandering about once again.  Another thrifting trip is most likely in store, as well lots of iced coffee, food and who-knows-what.  We shall see!

peace!  and try to stay cool. :)

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