July 23, 2012

iron and sugar

Yesterday for our six-year anniversary, Mike and I visited Marshall, MI for the first time ever.  We like going to different breweries, and have never been to Dark Horse Brewery, so thought it a good idea for a fun yet inexpensive anniversary gig.  We got to thinking, it's weird that we haven't visited sooner, since it's really not that far away from our hometown!

Earlier in the week, when mentioning Marshall to a co-worker, she told me about an amazing antique store that she'd been to once while in Marshall.  So, we left the zoo (Kalamazoo that is), in the early afternoon so we could stop by this shop before dinner.


I loved Amazing Grace Antiques, it was soo pretty and well set up.  I could've bought many many things there, but withheld myself very well.

When we were done at Grace's, we stepped out onto the sidewalk, only to find about three or four more antique stores!  So, without much else to do, we browsed those as well.

Haha, had to take this photo for Mike's comic-loving friend.

After antiquing, we played a round of disc golf at Victory Park in Albion, before getting some much needed dinner and beer at Dark Horse.  We liked it there alot!  Plus, it got us pumped up for the beer festival coming up this weekend.  eep!

Our beers:
left- Mike's Kolsch
right- my R.O.D.

lots and lots of mugs on the ceiling...

It was a happy day!  I love you babe, and am so glad to have been married to you for the past six years!  Here's to oodles more!



  1. Aww. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Those antique shops look awesome. I adore hunting for treasures... although, like you, I try to restrain myself from bringing everything home with me.

    Thanks for stopping by Gypsy in Jasper and buttoning up for the plastic bag challenge!!

    1. Thanks so much! I hate plastic bags, and try my hardest not to take them. Great button, I'm proud to display it!

      Hope you had a great vacation! I'm back from mine and need to do some major catch-up on reading!


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