July 08, 2012

insta~graham crackers

Gooooodevening folks!  I'm so so thankful for the rain we had last night that cooled things off!  It's now down to 85 degrees F in our apartment!  What a pleasant change.  I'll be packing up the rest of our things the next two days, getting ready for our big move this weekend.  It'll be so much more tolerable packing without the pressing heat. 

Here are some photos of my life from the past week or two.  enjoy! :)

1.  delicious salad at Bell's Brewery

2.  sinking sun view while eating dinner at Bell's

3.  the "sale pending" sign in our yard! (soon to be "SOLD!")

4.  Olive sleeping on the boxes of packed things

5.  Dinner at Bilbo's on the 4th of July with Mike~ yummy spinich pizza!

6.  Moss trying to beat the heat...

7.  Yoda watching things outside

8.  iced coffee and Bagel Beanery breakfast

9.  sunset while driving to fireworks on the 4th

10.  Olive being naughty and laying on our important house papers

Peace and hair grease ya'll.  Save some water and money and skip a shower or two.  It's good for you.

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