July 07, 2012

House-ventures- photos!

The time has finally come where I can confidently share these photos with you!  We found out that the house passed its FHA inspection, and are going to sign on our first home on Wednesday!!  We're hoping to move in a few days after. :)

I snapped these quickly one day during our first home inspection by our long-time family friend.

Living room when you walk in the front door

Opposite side of living room, looking at the front door

Bedroom #1

 Bedroom #2

Amazing bathroom!

and our super cute kitchen, overlooking the backyard

I can't wait to move in and share more of our home with you!  I have the feeling there are many adventures to come in this place.  Mike and I are so so excited to move in, and finally have the freedom to do more of what we want with a place. 

One of the first things on my agenda:  tree swing and a sprinkler.  together.  yep, I definitley want to swing through a sprinkler. 
Mike's first wish?  A disc golf practice basket in the backyard. :)

Hope you all have a good Saturday!  What are your weekend plans?  I'm hoping for a crazy thunderstorm.  please!


  1. I am so excited for your new house! We had a crazy thunder storm here last night. I will try to send it your way!

    1. Thanks darlin'! I think it's working, I hear thunder rumbles!!! It's been soooo bloody hot here! What's it like out there?

  2. The house is super cute. I can't wait to see it. Congrats!


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