July 14, 2012

House-ventures~ the big move

Yesterday was the big move in day!  It went really well; a big thanks to all that helped.  Hopefully that will be our last move for a long long time.  Who knows, maybe my next move will be into an old folks home, and you'll be wandering my house picking through my things in a living estate sale. :)  I really hope not to go into an old folks home, but that's another topic, for another time.....maybe.  Ooo!  Speaking of estate sales, Mike and I went to a few today, as well as some garage sales.  I found some saweet stuff I'll have to share with you later.

My lovely parents got us this sprinkler, along with some other lawn-care items as a housewarming gift.  I love it!  We put it to immediate use on our lawn, and my body (ran through a few times).  It's been so crispy out lately.  Thank goodness for the little bit of rain we got/ are getting now!  Yay!

My first morning in our new house. :)  Yoda was looking for a window to peer out of, and found this one.  Most of our windows are pretty high, but there are a few the cats can get to.  This pic cracks me up; gotta love that little cat butt.

Know what this is?  haha, it's my bathroom wallpaper.  It's amazing.  My Dad thinks it looks like a bathroom from Las Vegas.  Ha!

Moss quickly found a favorite spot of the fireplace mantle. 

Olive, the nosey new neighbor.

I'm currently updating from Panera, because we haven't switched our internet over from our apartment to our house yet.  Updates may be a little sparce for the next few days, due to this little issue, but I'll be back soon!  Can't wait to share some recipes from my new kitchen with you!


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  1. The grand-kitties made themselves right to home ~ no worries after all! Awww! I like the wallpaper in the living room...reminds me of a rain forest or something. Enjoy your new home!


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