July 06, 2012

Friday Finds

Well, look what Mike found thrifting yesterday!! :D  We had just finished checking out with one little item, and were on our way out the door when Mike spotted this gem.  We've been thinking about getting a record player for a little while now, and have been keeping our eye out.  Most of them are really big and take up a lot of space, so it's a huge plus that we found this one that's slightly smaller than the norm.

It needs a little TLC, as you can see from the stain and tear on the right speaker.  We're thinking it'd be fun to give it a makeover in the near future, but the important thing right now is that it plays music!

On our way to visit Mike's parents last night, we stopped by a music and miscellaneous parts store to pick up a few records, and I must say, we found some great vinyl!  'Twas amazing sipping some cool white wine before bed, and having these blare through the house.  I got my boogy on a bit, despite the dreadful heat.

I bought this razor by Preserve from Sawall yesterday.  It's made from recycled yogurt cups, and made in the U.S.A.!  Let's just say I've never been so excited to shave my legs before.

I love this throw blanket by ModCloth.  I'm really hoping I can find it or something very similar in a bigger size to use as a bedspread.  I'm almost desperate enough to get two and stitch them together.
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Cute, cute sweatshirt by Mungo Crafts.  I've admired these for a while now.

NECTAR - Hoodie Sweatshirt Sweater - Recycled Upcycled - One of a Kind Women - SMALL
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Ok, I basically love everything from ModCloth, and it's hard to not just make all of my favorites straight up from them.  Gotta love this lamp!
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Funny how I keep posting warm weather clothing.... :)  These wrist warmers from talk2thetrees are so cute.
Wrist Warmers - Knit Wrist Warmers - Gray Fingerless Gloves - Arm Warmers

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Have a great Friday everyone!  I must get ready for the day and get some groceries before heading off to work.  Good news!  Our apartment's temp. is down to 89 degrees F!  haha, sounds hot but it feels sooo much better in here then the last couple of days.


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