July 17, 2012

estate sale finds

I love this time of year, when every weekend, garage sales litter the streets.  Eyes peeled, I'm looking as close as I can for bright colored signs indicating treasures ahead.  Mike and I went out and found a few to go to this past weekend, and even found a couple estate sales, which are our favorite.  One in particular was great, and where I found all of these items.  It must have just been a woman living there, because Mike was pretty bored, with nothing to look at, but I loved it!

I'm not usually into these sort of purses, because it's kind of boring looking, and rather blah...but for some reason I really like it.  It's pretty big, which is awesome, and it's got a strap so I can wear it across my shoulders.  Perfect!

This doily is so intricate and delicate.  So pretty.

These socks make me laugh, but I had to get them.  When I first spotted them, I was hoping they were leg warmers, but turns out they have feet.  I think they'll be perfect for lounging around the house in wintertime.

I got this scarf because I've been wanting to try wearing a scarf in my hair/ around my head for a while....I don't think I'm going to have much success though, with how silky it is, and how fine my hair is.  Bummer, dude.  Maybe I'll figure something out, or another use for it.
Any of you have the same issue, and what do you do to help it?

I picked up a little baggie for .50 cents full of this glorious assortment.  Such cute stationary, recipe cards, and gift tags.  I'm not sure what the little paintings are; they open up like a card, and are numbered 1-10ish...and say something about a table/party.  Perhaps to show who's sitting where at a gathering?

I'm hoping to find more estate sales to go to soon; not that I wish ill on anyone, but they have such great and unusual things. 

I must get back to my work, and soon after my friends will be coming over to see our new place!


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