July 03, 2012

Cat-egory- drinking fountain

A few months ago, I bought our three cats a drinking fountain.  I must say, it's been a great investment!  The idea seemed kind of silly at first, but I was tired of their water getting dirty from sitting still and collecting food and hair...gross.  I was constantly changing their water, and it would quickly get nasty again.

So, after reading some reviews and learning that cats love running water, such as streams in the wild, I picked out a rather inexpensive fountain.  There are a range of different ones, from super fancy and expensive, to pretty cheap.  The one I got was on the low end...maybe not the lowest of the low, but it works great! 

Moss especially loves the fountain.  He gets pretty worried when I unplug it for any reason and the water stops flowing.  It still needs to be cleaned every now and then.  The water stream slows down sometimes, because let's face it, their hair still sheds everywhere and cloggs the filter, but it's a quick fix and we're back in business.

Here's a quick clip of a morning where I was making coffee and toast at the same time, and had to unplug the fountain momentarily.  This is me plugging it back in...


The only thing about the fountain that I don't really like, but is not a big deal, is that it's not very pretty and kind of looks like a tiny toilet...but ahh, what can you do? :)

I definitely reccommend a drinking fountain for any of you pet-people out there.  Your pets will love it, and it's healthy for them because they drink more water than they normally would!

k, you can call me a crazy cat lady now....it's ok. :)

Happy Tuesday!
One more day 'till the holiday!!


  1. Found myself talking to Moss through my computer screen..."Oh, Moss...don't worry honey!" Call me a crazy cat Gma! lol! I think your kitties are so sweet, and very blessed to have you to love 'em! :)

    1. haha, that's funny! I feel bad when he looks for the water and it's not there!

  2. I wonder if they sell something like that for guinea pigs...

    1. That would be neat! I googled it, but didn't find anything....maybe you could rig something up though...


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