June 25, 2012

What's in my beach bag

Today I took it easy and rested a bit on the beach of Robert Morris park while Mike played a round of disc golf.
Normally I would join him, but I'm still getting over this cold/ feverish-ness, so I sat this one out (too much walking!).

Here's what I brought in my beach bag!  :)

1.  Snack/lunch- these are delicous!  you should try them if you haven't
2.  Lotion for my ghostly legs
3.  Sticky notes
4.  My house-buying-journey journal.  whoa, that's a mouthfull..
5.  Vegetarian Times latest issue
6.  Blog planner!
7.  Current book I'm reading
8.  Travel size sunscreen; picked it up on the way since I forgot mine!
need to keep my new tattoo safe!
9.  mini Little Ceasar's ruler
10.  Jelly Belly tin with cough drops inside
11.  Markers
12.  Pen
13.  Scissors
14.  Bag!

It was such a peaceful time sitting in the shade of a scrawny willow, with an amazing breeze blowing.
This was my view.

hope you all had a peaceful day as well. :)

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