June 01, 2012

trains and tunes

I had to drive over to Target to have Mike sign some paperwork so we can put an offer on the house we want. I heard this on the way, and thought it great...everything happens for a reason, it's just frustrating when we don't know what the reason is. Perhaps we didn't get it the first time so we'd be more thankful for it the second? ah, who knows. Pray for us please!

Also, I enjoy stopping for trains. I like watching them pass by; don't know why. I like the flashing signals, and the little sticks that come down. I turn my radio down so I can hear the whistle and take it all in as it rushes by. If I were in a hurry it may not be so pleasant...but most of the time it's Amtrak and it's gone in a minute.

ha! funny side note- I just published this post as Mike's by accident on his blog he's never blogged on, forgetting I was logged in to his email to send over the house papers! my bad baby, sorry! delete.delete.delete.....

ok, another really side note, and a bit gross. My fat cat Olive puked again this morning, literally right after she ate. She was eating, and then stepped away, and threw up. what a dufus. :P

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  1. That song hits me differently EVERY time I hear it! (Makes me cry!) You'll have to read about Laura Story's story behind that song, "...what if the trials of this life are His mercies in disguise".

    I know what you mean about the sound of trains, especially in the distance early in the morning when just waking up, even better with the sound of rain!

    Concerning Olive, hmmmm, hairball?! Ewwww! No help from here, sorry!


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