June 05, 2012

trail mix

This post is a little mix of things I've been meaning to share, and finally have some time to. :)

Sunday was a nice day.  Mike and I went to church at The River, then headed straight from there to Jimmy John's to pick up sandwiches.  We took them to Celery Flats in Portage, and had a mini-picnic before taking a stroll.  It's kind of a funny spot; where all the city people go to be outside, so it's really crowded, but it was still nice to enjoy nature.

A new friend at work, Annie, inspired me to shove this flower through my ear piercing. :) 
I now have the beginnings of a new invention floating through my brain for my Etsy shop...just wait!  soon to come.

While we were walking, I stopped abruptly when I saw this little deer in the woods!  Mike and I and the deer all stared at each other for a while, until a roller-blader came from the other direction.

look at this giant puff I found!  ah!
ok, Mike made me aware that I have in fact seen these before, but I'm always amazed when I see one...it's like an extreme dandelion puff!

this has been my "lunch" for the past two days (I say lunch, but it doesn't matter what time of day I take lunch at work, I always just call it my lunch; could be 10am, or 6pm...).
Arby's curly fries, strawberry mentos, and green Peace Tea.

I know this is a horrible lunch, well except for the green tea, but it was so delicious I just had to have it again the next day.

Our offer for the house has been officially accepted!  It's now time to schedule some inspections, and sign sign sign some paperwork!  Let's pray that it passes the FHA inspection, since if it doesn't, we're not allowed to buy it. eep!

ok, one last thing....
have you seen this video?  it's soo cute.  This little girl and her Dad are amazing, it melts my heart.


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