June 03, 2012

Not French

rawr.  I'm trying to figure out how to make hyperlinks so this blog's not a mess with web address' all over the place when I want to reference something.  It's too late right now though; I'll have Mike help me with it later. :)

I made coconut macaroons today!  My friend, Hannah's already made them and said they were good, so I thought I'd give them a try.  I used a recipe from Pinterest (ready, here's the long web address...)
(update: I figured out hyperlinks!  so here's a link to the macaroons instead of the terribly long web address.)
I didn't follow directions to a T, because Mike says it's a waste to use egg whites (it called for 5!).  What do you do with the rest of the egg but throw it out?  So I used 3 whole eggs.  I also used an entire bag of 14oz. coconut, when it called for 10oz. because I didn't have another use for coconut on the horizon; looks a bit sloppy anyway, so it thickened it up.

 This is our homemade vanilla extract!  It's fun using it now that it's ready; it took three months of waiting time to be done!


I got side-tracked a few times making these, looking at my cute cats.

this is Yoda's favorite spot to nap; on the dining room chair that's tucked under the table, by the window.  I again got side-tracked while the macaroon goop was cooling in the fridge, and pet my kitty.

done!  toasty lumps of almondy coconut! :)

I tried to quickly melt some chocolate chips to drizzle over top of these things, but I microwaved them too long, and now the chocolate is hard as a rock....I might try again with the remaining chips though; these little babies could use a little more snaz.

Update on our house adventures!

We made an offer yesterday morning on our "hopeful house," and the seller has verbally accepted our offer (not officially accepted, by signing some paperwork). 
They were going to meet up with their agent tonight to sign, and we'll be made aware hopefully tomorrow! :)

The house does have some termite and carpenter ant issues, that the seller is going to treat for, so we're praying that it's not bad enough that the house is going to fall down or something....
if not, it looks like we might get this thing!!! :D

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