June 01, 2012

Morning coffee

Well, here I am starting another blog.. unsure of where it will go, or what exactly I'm going to blog about.  I've never been a blog-reader until recently, and now I love it.  It's making me crave a blog-life of my own.  I can't imagine doing this for a living; doing things I love all the time (thrifting, taking pictures, posting cute things I find on the internet, painting my nails, baking, etc.) and getting paid for it.  Wicked sweet....I highly doubt that will happen, but who knows.  Plus I have the major computer-stupids.  but, eh I could learn. :)

Here's a song that I don't fully understand the meaning of, but it's beautiful and I love it.  It's super sad, but isn't all good music?

Mike and I are trying to buy this house right now....super in love with it.  We already made an offer on it a few weeks ago, and they picked another offer instead of ours, but last night it went back on the market!  AH!  wish us luck.  trying to not get overly excited, as I'm still mourning the loss of it the first time. 

Peace and chicken grease y'all!
have a great Friday!

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  1. The music video reminded me of a scene from Anne of Green Gables...awww, sad though.

    Like your new blog, LOVE YOU! mom :)


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