June 25, 2012

let's eat- Greek yogurt blueberry banana bread

For breakfast yesterday morning, I got up and made the blueberry banana bread that I had mentioned on Friday.  I like the idea of putting Greek yogurt in things to moisten it up, and add a healthy substitute to oil.

On Mother's Day this year, I made a chocolate cake with Greek yogurt via inspiration from Pinterest.  I was a bit skeptical of its outcome at first since the batter was lumpy and dry looking, but the cake turned out sooo moist and amazing!
Find that and other ideas here.

frozen picked-by-us blueberries!

Mike picked out the "Get Well Soon" teddy bear mug for my morning brew. :)
The bread turned out well!  I was worried at first, because it looked a bit raw still when I cut into it, but it set up after it cooled completely.  

To find the recipe, just follow this link. :)

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