June 11, 2012


Last Thursday, Mike and I had the day off together.  Any day off with each other is amazing, and bound to be good.
This day, we decided to go strawberry picking!

We picked 12.5 pounds of berries!  Strawberry jam was in order...after a quick trip to the store, we swirled some up! 
We used a recipe that called for lemon juice rather than pectin.  What we failed to realize, or read far enough into in the recipe before finishing, is that you need to boil it for a while (like 10 minutes or more) in order to make it gel-up.  It sounded like all we needed to do was let it reach 220 degrees F, and then remove from heat, but it needs to stay for a while.

Sooo, we ended up canning it, and then dumping it all out and boiling it again the next day. Just something to keep in mind if you're going to try this out!  ugh, then the suger burned a bit too.  ooops!  It's still good though. :)

About half the berries were designated to jam, and the others we halved and put in the freezer for later.

Later that night Mike and I went out for a round of disc golf at The Air Zoo.
I found this tiny pear thing on the ground!
so cute; I carried it around till we got home and cut it open to see what was inside...not much. :)
It smelled like an apple, but I think it was just a tiny pear.

lovely, lovely day.

peace y'all.

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