June 23, 2012

insta~graham crackers

Well, I've come down with a nasty cold.  Not that all colds are not nasty; because they are.  But this one just seems extra worse...like all I want to do is lay in bed.  forever.

my fat cat Olive was sitting by me on the couch moments ago eating tissues from my tissue box, and when I tucked it into the box so she couldn't eat them, she started chewing on my dirty ones.

sooo, that being said, I think I really will live, but I'm making it an easy post today by sharing some instagram photos from my week!  Just things from life...enjoy.

  1. pretty orange flowers found disc golfing
  2. same, but purple milkweed
  3. bike envy at Meijer
  4. mmmm....salt and vinegar chips!
  5. vertical planter at Bell's Brewery (I was sceptical about this idea until I saw it in real life)
  6. mid-day snack- carrots, rice cake, and juice
  7. Mike working on his loud muffler
  8. bright nails!  I would totally wear this nail polish while hunting (if I were a hunter, but I love animals, so I'm not).


  1. Feel better, sweet Sarah! Sorry to hear you're sick. Great job on Gma's pictures, by the way!

  2. Thanks Mom! I had today off, so I got to just rest. Hopefully this thing will go away soon. Glad you like Gma's pics!


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