June 30, 2012

House-ventures- apartment life is waning

Just a smidgen of an update on the purchase of our first home...

We are still just waiting a lot; lots and lots of waiting.  Originally we were supposed to sign on the house yesterday, but I think we're still waiting for the FHA inspection to take place, so that didn't happen.  Then the date got moved to 6th of July, but now for some reason our target date is July 11.
We shall see...

I wanted to get some photos of our apartment before we moved out, so below you will see where we presently abide. :)
This is by far my favorite apartment we've lived in so far.  I love it!

 This is the view of the kitchen when you first walk in.  It's a duplex, and we live in the bottom half of the house, so we enter through the back.

 The bathroom, right off of the kitchen.

Living room

Second bedroom/ craft room

Moss was following me while I was taking picutres.  Poor buddy had an irritated eye, so it looks like he's crying. :(

Dining room, leading into our bedroom

Our bedroom.
This room is huge, and one thing I will miss when we move into our house.  The bedrooms at our house are quite small.

I wrote our last rent check EVER yesterday!
Sorry for the sketchy photo, but I had to crop out all of my secret numbers so you won't steal my money. :)

So yeah, things are happening in the world of house-buying, I just don't know what's going on half the time.  I think we're going to end up moving very very soon; sooner than I think...like maybe in 2ish weeks!  Ahhh! 

This is something that makes a person like me go crazy, because I like to be prepared and have everything ready and set to go, but I can't!  Oh, another element that is stressing me out, is that we're supposed to go on a week long vacation right in the middle of July....ready, set, MOVE, now go on vacation!  haha, I think it'll all work out though.  Hoping to be in our new place for at least a week before we up and leave the cats in a weird place by themselves.

Mike and I started packing last night, and got the whole second bedroom done, which makes me feel better.

So that's my update for now. :)  I'll get back atcha when I know more!
peace, and have a lovely Saturday.

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