June 18, 2012

disc golf vacation (part 2)

Here is part two of our sweetsweet little vacation!

We started the day out at Flip City.  This was a pretty sweet course; we both liked it a lot.  There were mini (and masive) rock towers allllll over the place.  Seriously, everywhere.  It was so cool!  I'm very inspired now to make my own rock towers when we get our house.

jump putt!

this thing was sweet...not sure what it is, just a big circle of layered waves of rocks.

This HUGE field on one of the holes had so many giant rock towers.  Of course we knew we had to make a contribution and build our own at some point. 
After a while of collecting and carrying rocks from hole to hole, we felt this was a good location to leave our creation (plus it was getting hard carrying those darn rocks around).

before going into the rock valley, Michael struck a pose with a basket.  Too bad it's so dark, but cute nonetheless.

Heaving his disc into the giant abyss!

time to build!

our pile!
May it balance on and on...

After Flip City, we moved on to Beast!

I collected cans that I found laying around on this course.  The litterers were kind enough to leave me their empty box to carry around all of my finds. :)
I ended up making $3.00!  (that's a lot of cans to carry from hole to hole. :P)
Yay for cleaning up the earth, and making money while doing it!

This pic is very embarassing, but it's the only one of me throwing, soooo...yeah.  whatever.
apparently I have a very silly follow through.

After disc golf, we cleaned up a bit at our campsite, and went to dinner at the only brewery in Ludington- Jamesport Brewing Co.

our yummy dinner!
Mike had some pretzel crusted fish, and I had pasta with artichokes and sundried tomatoes;
plus beer of course....I had the IPA, and Mike had....I don't remember.  I think it was a Scottish Strong Ale.  something like that.

after dinner hike at the campground!

the end of our mini-vaca will be coming soon, in part 3. :)
tune in next time folks!

peace, and have a good day!

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