June 20, 2012

disc golf vaca (part 3)

Thanks for hanging in there; we've finally made it to the final part of our mini vaca. recap. 
I feel like I spread it out a lot, but let's admit it, this would've been a huge post had I shoved it all in to one. :)  Plus I'm having fun reliving it all over again looking at these pics.

The last day, we had one more course to play on our way home.  We stopped at a little Ludington cafe before heading out, for a delicious breakfast.

While in Ludington, we saw billboards with a picture of a truck hauling a wind turbine, and it said something about watch out for turbines on the road....
I immediately wished that we would see one, and shortly after-- we did!  I was stoked, to say the least. :)

We got lost a few times on the way to this course, and passed back and forth between Newaygo and Fremont a couple times, buuuut, we finally found it!

This is Branstrom Park in Fremont MI.

I found this disc at one of the previous courses!
kinda creepy lookin', but I used it anyway.

here's this pic again from dinner on the way home.
Still baffles my mind....
they did have new sweet potato fries though, which I had and were delicious.
try the fries, not the sundae!

lovelovelove vacations with my husband!
We both agree, it was way too short.  Thankfully we have another longer vacation coming up next month.  Can't wait!

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