June 16, 2012

disc golf getaway (part 1)

Good morning!

For our mini-vaca, we started out by going to a Polar Bear Club concert at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids Tuesday night (that's what the photo from before was of).  It was a good and fun concert; not exactly my type of music, but Mike loved it.  I enjoyed the music part of it, in between fretting for my life with the mosh-pitters dashing about.  I seriously don't get why that's fun, but to each his own.

Wednesday morning, we got up and quickly packed our things, and were on the road to Ludington by the afternoon.

We made it!  We camped at Ludington State Park.  It was right on the edge of Lake Michigan, and so pretty.

I was a bit jealous of this camp set-up. :)  Sorry for the tiny photo; it's one of those modern VW pop-up vans, with a super cute trailer next to it.

Before playing our first course, we made a stop to a convenience store that sold discs and disc accessories, so Mike could pick up some backpack straps for his bag.  He's getting so many discs, you've gotta protect that back! :)
This store was pretty awesome though....they sold good beer, beer making supplies, discs, t-shirts, and candy.  All things we love!  Could've easily gone wild in there, but we were good and quickly left with our one purchase.


The first (and ultimately our favorite) course we played.

lemon drops in the sunshine!


dead bird we found on the course.

After playing a fun round, we picked up a Hot-N-Ready cheese pizza, and headed to the beach for dinner.  We found a nice spot all to ourselves to park our picnic in the sand dunes.
'twas a lovely dinner of pizza, boxed wine, and E.L. Fudge cookies. :)

boxed wine in plastic cups.
classy. :)


We figured some sort of crazy-spinning-digging bug must've made this perfect little hole in the sand, with the little spatters of sand all around.  Pretty cool!


 Found a bit of garbage on the beach.  Thought we'd collect it and throw it away, but not before taking a sweet photo.

And to end the day off right, a beautiful sunset!

I toootally keep meaning to mention this, and it slips my mind every time, so here I am to say.... :)
If you enjoy reading blogs, as in plural/multiple/several....you should check out bloglovin.
It's a website where you plug in all of the blogs you read, and it keeps track of them and organized everything for you to make reading easy.
I use it, and I love it!  It emails you once a day or so, when people post new blogs, and gives you a reading list where you can just hit next, and it takes you right through all your reads.

ok, that's all. :)  but seriously, you should check it out! (and put me on your reading list! ha!)


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