June 26, 2012

"Cat"-egory- supercats!

I've been thinking lately, wouldn't my cats look adorable in superhero capes?  Scittering around the house with them wooshing behind them!  soo cute!  Then I was thinking, well they'd need some sort of superpower to go with their superhero capes...

What would their powers be?

Then I did a little research to see what sort of powers are out there, and here's what I'm pretty sure my cats would possess, had they powers.

Moss would have wallcrawing abilities, like Spider-man, because he loves to climb as high as he can get and just watch people.  He sits on top of the refrigerator and waits for you to come in or go out, trying to escape.

image source

Olive would have Matter Ingestion abilities, like Matter-Eater Lad; able to eat anything without consequence.  Let's face it, she loves to eat, and she's huge.  This power would be great for her.

image source

Yoda would have Superhuman (er-cat) Speed like Flash.  She loves to run around the house as fast as she can.  She's also a scaredy cat, so she needs to be able to hide quickly lest an intruder snatches her up.

image source

Maybe this Halloween I'll stitch together some capes for cats!  Sounds like a terrific idea! 
What sort of power would you like to possess, or think that your pets would have?

Something to ponder.... :)  have a great day!


  1. Cute!!! Reminds me of when I was little and my brother would go for a haircut...I'd sit and wait reading comic books! Sometimes I wish I could just nod my head like "I Dream of Jeannie" and have my house clean or dinner ready, or like on Star Trek where they get their food from a food replicator..."skinny mocha latte', no froth"...guess that's what drive-thru's are for! lol!

    Feelin' better? <3 u!

    1. Hahaha! Those are good ideas! Sometimes I think it'd be fun to read comic books; mostly after I watch a superhero movie.
      Yup, I am starting to feel better today, thanks!
      <3 you too!

  2. I never though about what Cinnamon would be if she had a super power... If she was a human though she would be a softball player! What do you think?

    1. that's funny! yeah, I could picture it! :)
      prayin' for you guys out there in CO! scary stuff happening. :/ love you!


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