June 19, 2012

berry hot

I just made myself this lovely little drink, as an after-work-cool-off/ pre-nap quencher. :)
It was very tasty, and I would definitley reccommend it!

 Funny that when I got dressed this morning, I decided what to wear based on how much my shirt would show sweat. :P  Light colors are a must right now; it's been sooo hot!
I'm not a shorts person, and have never been one, but I'm slowly starting to test them out.

To make, mix:
3 ice cubes
a splash of blueberry vodka
Welch's blueberry pomegranate juice (fill glass 3/4 full)
top it off with a little lemonade
I plopped in some frozen strawberries and blueberries as well.



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